Diet recommendation in pregnancy in india

It is an important requirement during the early stages and pre-conception. Spinach is a source of iron and the all-important folic acid or vitamin B, a first trimester essential. What Not to Eat during Pregnancy As we all know, pregnancy is a very crucial phase and whatever an expectant mom eats, affects the baby.

The vitamin C in the latter is a catalyst in iron absorption. For healthy levels of hemoglobins Beetroots are immunity boosters. Some fishes that are rich in mercury are: They are great antioxidants.

End the day with a glass of milk and a couple of dates before sleeping. They also provide a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

Avoid colas during pregnancy. Folic Acid, Proteins and Iron are the most important nutrients for a pregnant woman. It contains probiotic bacteria that help to fight with some harmful metals in the body like arsenic and mercury.

Apple and tomato juice are also a healthy option.

Tips to Keep your Baby and you Healthy Here are some more pointers for pregnant women to ensure the health of both the mother and the child. Consume these food items daily: Dates are high in protein which helps in cell development of the baby.

Vegetables Green, leafy vegetables are recommended during pregnancy as a source of many minerals. Peas and broccoli are some of the top vegetables that should be included in a pregnancy diet. While mutton is a good source of iron, omega 3 fatty acids found in fish are known to reduce allergy risks in the baby and increase cognitive development of the child Fresh Fruits It is important to keep the fibre intake optimal to avoid constipation which is a common complaint during pregnancy.

Diet Plan During Pregnancy for Indian Moms

Omega-3s are good so pop in some fish liver oil capsules daily. While proteins help the baby grow, folic acid keeps birth-defects at bay. Dairy Milk products are highly recommended during pregnancy. With a low-meat diet in some Indian households, it is important to identify Indian protein-rich food during pregnancy.

Super nutritious for Pregnant women. In case you have morning sickness or nausea then have these: They are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Coconut water, low fat cottage cheese, oatmeal cookies, healthy laddoo e.

Evening Snacks — Keep Snacking between Lunch and Dinner time Pre-dinner evening snacks are very important for pregnant ladies. Vitamin C is sometimes recommended as a complimentary supplement as it helps in the absorption of iron.

Almonds provide protein, healthy fats, iron and vitamin E. Vitamins Required during Pregnancy 1 Important Vitamins required during Pregnancy Vitamin B or folic acid is one of the most crucial vitamins for the well-being of a pregnant woman. Apples are a good snack too.

Add more healthy options to the traditional Indian diet and make sure you avoid certain foods and habits. A pregnant woman should not just be eating to keep herself healthy and fit, but she also needs to keep in mind the nourishment required by the child growing inside her.

Loaded sugar and food with a high salt content is known to create a similar preference in the baby who gets accustomed to it. Vegetable oil has the essential unsaturated fats and is best suited for consumption.

Mercury can damage many body parts including nerves, brain, lungs and kidneys.

Healthy Indian Diet During Pregnancy – What To Eat & What To Avoid

Mushrooms, dairy products and eggs are sources of vitamin D.Perfect Indian Diet Plan for Healthy Pregnancy. A new mother is surrounded by people advising her on healthy eating during pregnancy.

Even those who have not experienced pregnancy advice about an ideal diet plan for an expectant Sapana. The dietary guidelines emphasize promotion of health and prevention of disease, of all age groups with special focus on vulnerable segments of the population such as infants, children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating.

1 DIET IN PREGNANCY AND LACTATION From conception to exclusive breast feeding (first 6 months) the baby completely depends on mother’s nutritional status.

An Indian diet needs to tick the important boxes when it comes to pregnancy. The food sources mentioned above are part of a selection of options that provide crucial nutrients and minerals. The food sources mentioned above are part of a selection of options that provide crucial nutrients and Aliya Khan.

Diet recommendation in pregnancy in india
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